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What if? Ensemble was a Python Framework!


You may know it but IRIS is a database with the ability to execute code.

The code execution part is called an Application Server.

Today IRIS supports natively two languages: ObjectScript and Python.
Executing code is good, knowing how to organize it is better.

Organizing code is software architecture, not everyone has the desire or knowledge to create such a solution.
To do this, many programming languages offer what we call Frameworks.
These frameworks help us (the developers) to architect our code, to organize it, to foresee scalability, to foresee the dissociation between technical logic and business logic.

IRIS Interoperability (a.k.a Ensemble for the old ones (BTW, I liked this name, Ensemble, a french word which means together.)) has for a long time been limited to interoperability, however, for years, I have been using it to build REST APIs, complete applications, moreover, this module meets the patterns of a Framework, so why limit it to interoperability.

What If, Ensemble is a Python Framework ?

That's what I propose you with this module :

I've been working on this project for almost a year now.

It has evolved well, it is now compatible with the Python coding conventions (PEP8).

It never refers to ObjectScript while remaining compatible with the code already implemented as such.

You can find here, different uses of this Framework :

If you want to play with it, you will find here a template ready to use :

My question is the following:

Do you think that the IRIS interoperability module can become a programming framework in python?

I'm looking forward to hear your arguments :)

Do you think that the IRIS interoperability (a.k.a Ensemble) module can become a programming framework in python?
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