· Mar 31, 2020

WebSocket SharedConnection Error

Hi Caché-Developers!

My Caché Version: 2014.1 and the CSP-Gateway Version ( + Apache) also. I can't upgrade now. 

I want create a Web-Socket for my Chat  like in that Tutorial:

And there's my problem. When I set SharedConnection like:

set ..SharedConnection = 1

I get on init connection with the server that message:

First i think everything is okay but here i also didn't get the Messages on init from Server-Side:

When I now send a message to the WebSocket, I got following error:


Without SharedConnection = 1, everything works fine for me.

What's wrong and how can I use SharedConnection = 1 like in the tutorial?


Thanks and best regards!

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In the early stages async web sockets definitely had many issues. I had many similar issues when trying the ..ShareConnection=1 in 2015.1.2 and as you mentioned, synced web sockets worked fine. I contacted WRC and they advised me to upgrade to 2017.1.2. Upgrading to 2017.1.2 fixed all the issues I had, so not sure what the exact problem you have is but upgrading might be the only solution.