Dmitry Maslennikov · Aug 31, 2018

WebSocket frame size limitation

I faced with the issue when WebSocket connection just fails without any errors if I send data with size 384 bytes and more (In binary mode the same). As I know by standard WebSockets frame does not have such limitation. Is there any way how to decrease it? This limitation too small, it is too difficult to fit this size and needs to send data much more often than I expected. Tested with Caché 2016.2, 2017.2 and IRIS 2018.1.

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Please post code to reproduce the issue?

Sorry, it was my mistake, just missed that I wanted to hide websocket by rest, and did it not in good way. Issue was in my CacheBlocksExplorer project. Fixed it with ServerSideRedirect. So, now I can use only one CSP Application in public for REST and WebSocket.