Edrian Golob · Nov 7, 2019

Webservice Response Changes


I loaded a WSDL from a webservice into my project where executing it returns me a series of Orders related.

My problem is that the provider of this webservice sometimes adds new fields, which I don't even use, and from then on it starts giving Iris a bug, so I need to import the updated WSDL again so that it creates the new property that the provider added.

Is there a way for me to set up after the first WSDL import so that it ignores if the provider makes a response schema change by adding 1 new field for example, and I always keep working with the first structure I imported functionally?

Today whenever this occurs, it returns me this error:

ERROR # 5002: ObjectScript error: <ZSOAP> zInvokeClient + 208 ^% SOAP.WebClient.1

If I add the new property in the response class, the error stops occurring.


Tks a lot for the help!

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If you add the following to your generated classes they will ignore any new tags the vendor sends. 


Thank you very much.
Problem solved.