· Jul 21, 2020

[WEBINAR] Speed Test: ESG Labs Database Performance Test

Hi Community!

We're pleased to invite you to the upcoming "Speed Test: ESG Labs Database Performance Test" webinar on August 5 at 9:30 AM EDT!

Join our live webinar with Mike Leone, senior analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group’s Validation Services, to learn about a speed test that measures and compares the concurrent real-time data ingest and query performance of InterSystems IRIS® data platform, a leading in-memory database, a cloud relational database, and a traditional relational database. 

Topics will include

  • Business drivers for real-time performance at scale
  • Architectural limitations of in-memory and disk-based data management software 
  • Overview and results of the speed test
  • A unique approach to multi-workload processing at scale with InterSystems IRIS data platform

🗣 @Joe Lichtenberg, director of product & industry marketing, InterSystems
🗣  @Amir Samary, manager, solution architecture, InterSystems
🗣  Mike Leone, senior analyst, ESG

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