Michelle Spisak · Jan 23, 2018

(Webinar Recording) Enter a New Era with Atelier

Have you heard interesting things about Atelier, the InterSystems Eclipse plugin, and want to learn more?

Join @Michelle Stolwyk, a software developer at InterSystems, for Enter a New Era with Atelier, a webinar in which she shows how Atelier can simplify your development workflow. She also discusses the feature priorities InterSystems has for Atelier and even explains how your feedback can affect these priorities!

Do you have questions for Michelle following the webinar? Feel free to post them below!

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Thanks for a useful webinar. I was particularly interested to hear that there's going to be a focus on making Atelier play better with the "shared development" way of working. IMO, good news for teams that already work that way and until now may have been thinking they'll have to abandon it and get each developer set up to work in their own personal environment in order to adopt Atelier.

Note: This webinar recording has closed captions available for your convenience. Enjoy!