Helmut Forstner · May 21, 2019

webHERALD – a Highly Extensible Rapid AppLication Development framework

WEB HERALDa Highly Extensible Rapid AppLication Development framework by myCTS


myCTS web client benefits:

Platform independent

Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop-computer, the myCTS web client, can be used on all devices with HTML5 compatible browsers. Adaptable designs allow all varieties of screen sizes to be featured.

State-of-the-art technology

myCTS web clients use, excellent frameworks for the development of client side components.


Of course, security best practice, plays an important role within the frameworks future development, which guards against hacker attacks.

On top HTTPS, offers encrypted and secure communication between browser and web server.


State-of-the-art designs, intuitive components and metaphors, allow for easy understanding and usability.

Installation free

There is no further installation of client software required. Simply standard software like PDFS readers and office is required for displaying and exporting content.



By using asynchronous server queries, complex queries will be displayed quicker and in parts, to allow the user to continue to work. During quieted, the user interface is always usable.

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