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There is a popular package "WebTerminal". It is excellent in most situations.

  • running system commands in your operating shell is not so easy
  • as it communicates to the IRIS host over HTTP and WSS it consumes 2 connections
    • With only 5 connections in the community license (and the "Grace Period of CSP")
    • you can hit the limits rater fast: 2 Webterminals + 1 SMP and you are done
  • WebCommand is a pure CSP page consuming just 1 single connection
  • WebCommand allows multiple ObjectScript command lines running in sequence
  • With $ or ! your command goes to Operating System same as with default terminal
  • It is no full terminal emulation but a slim helper for debugging
  • And it is an excellent place to apply "One Liners"

Just a simple loop in ObjectScript

Directory listing inside container

File Dump


Demo Server SMP
Demo Server WebCommand


Code Quality

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