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The way to launch Apache Spark + Apache Zeppelin + InterSystems IRIS

Hi all. Yesterday I tried to connect Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin, and InterSystems IRIS. During the process, I experienced troubles connecting it all together and I did not find a useful guide. So, I decided to write my own.


What is Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin and find out how it works together. Apache Spark is an open-source cluster-computing framework. It provides an interface for programming entire clusters with implicit data parallelism and fault tolerance. So, it is very useful when you need to work with Big Data. And Apache Zeppelin is a notebook, that provides cool UI to work with analytics and machine learning. Together, it works like this: IRIS provides data, Spark reads provided data, and in a notebook we work with the data.

Note: I have done the following on Windows 10.

Apache Zeppelin

Now, we will install all the necessary programs. First of all, download apache zeppelin from the official site of apache zeppelin. I have used zeppelin-0.8.0-bin-all.tgz. It includes Apache Spark, Scala, and Python. Unzip it to any folder. After that you can launch zeppelin by calling \bin\zeppelin.cmd from the root of your Zeppelin folder. Wait until the Done, zeppelin server started string appears and open http://localhost:8080 in your browser. If everything is okay, you will see Welcome to Zeppelin! message.

Note: I assume, that InterSystems IRIS already installed. If not, download and install it before the next step.

Apache Spark

So, we have the browser's open window with Zeppelin notebook. In the upper-right corner click on anonymous and after, click on Interpreter. Scroll down and find spark.

Next to the spark find edit button and click on it. Scroll down and add dependencies to intersystems-spark-1.0.0.jar and to  intersystems-jdbc-3.0.0.jar. I installed InterSystems IRIS to the C:\InterSystems\IRIS\ directory, so artifacts I need to add are at:

My files are here:

And save it.

Check that it works

Let us check it. Create a new note, and in a paragraph paste the following code:

var"com.intersystems.spark").option("url", "IRIS://localhost:51773/NAMESPACE").option("user", "UserLogin").option("password", "UserPassword").option("dbtable", "Sample.Person").load()

// dbtable - name of your table

URL - IRIS address. It is formed as follows IRIS://ipAddress:superserverPort/namespace:

  • protocol IRIS is a JDBC connection over TCP/IP that offers Java shared memory connection;
  • ipAddress — The IP address of the InterSystems IRIS instance. If you are connecting locally, use instead of localhost;
  • superserverPort — The superserver port number for the IRIS instance, which is not the same as the webserver port number. To find the superserver port number, in the Management Portal, go to System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > Memory and Startup; namespace — An existing namespace in the InterSystems IRIS instance. In this demo, we connect to the USER namespace.


Run the paragraph. If everything is okay, you will see FINISHED.

My notebook:




In conclusion, we found out how Apache Spark, Apache Zeppelin, and InterSystems IRIS can work together. In my next articles, I will write about data analysis.



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