· Aug 5, 2021 1m read

A VSCode Highlighting "life-hack" for the ObjectScript in Script Files

Hi folks!

Want to share a lifehack with you on ObjectScript highlighiting withing VSCode for script files.

Script files are just files with lines of ObjectScript that we feed anywhere, e.g. into IRIS during Docker baking procedure.

Typical usecase - here is the Scriptfile

here is the Dockerfile where we feed it.

And here is how it looks like usually in VSCode:

Screenshot 2021-08-05 at 09 51 06

Coudl be more beautiful, right?

The lifehack is to add Tab symbol at the beginning of the every line.

Select everything and tap "Tab", and you get the following picture:

Much better, m? 

And works same as without tabs.

Hope you like it as I do! )

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