· Jan 18

VSCode Deleting or Renaming Files

In VSCode using the InterSystems extensions, I now have an almost working environment where routines can be created or modified on disk and these are pushed to the developer's IRIS instance.

One issue I'm finding whilst testing is that if I rename or delete a routine from disk, the change isn't pushed to IRIS and I can't work out how to make this happen.

This means that a developer can have renamed or deleted a file on disk, but can still call functions within the renamed/deleted routine within the IRIS instance and not experience any NOROUTINE errors. The developer might well spot the mistake, but that relies on developer brilliance. I'd much prefer to reflect the rename/deletion within IRIS. Otherwise, the first time a developer will see any NOROUTINE errors is after a new build is made from the contents of the repo.

I'm wondering if there is a setting I can change to make VSCode send renames/deletions via the atelier APIs.

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2022.1.4 (Build 812_0_22849) Wed Nov 8 2023 17:54:43 EST
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