Daoyuan Sun · Feb 8, 2021


There is a error when I try to use VSCODE to connect to my Ensemble Server. What's wrong with me?How can I Configure this /api/atelier web application

Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
$ZV: 2018.1.0HS.1010.0
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Check the security settings, which you can find in notes in the extension description.

  • Add %Developer role to /api/atelier aplication
  • GRANT EXECUTE ON %Library.RoutineMgr_StudioOpenDialog TO %Developer

Thank you for answering me so quickly, but I'm still confused cause I'm a novice.

What is the '%Library.RoutineMgr_StudioOpenDialog ' for AND how should I grant execute on this thing  to %Developer

Hi Daoyuan,

It looks like you are trying to connect to a Lan server, does it work if you connect to a localhost server? Besides what has been suggested by Dmitriy, you can try enable the ISCAgent service on server, if all couldn't fix it, and you are based in China, you may contact for further help.

Best regards,


Hi Jeff, 

It's also not work in my localhost server. I'll try your suggestion and  I'll contact you if I still trapped in this problem.

thank you for your enthusiastic help.

Best wishes,