Chip Gore · Sep 22, 2020

VSCode and CSP - what did I miss?

Hi -

I'm trying to get my VS Code instance that is connected to an AWS IRIS instance to edit/save/compile .csp files, but it's failing to work and I'm not sure why. The ".csp" is associated with the objectscript-csp code, and the server is connected, but things just don't act like they are enabled.

Should this work? and if so, what might I have missed in configuring things?

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You need %Developer role on your user and access to Atelier rest api.

The account I'm using has %All (and doesn't have any problems with regular .cls class files) so I'm not sure that this is my issue.

The only way to get it worked with CSP files right now, is to configure isfs. In this case, you will edit any files only remotely, with no local files.
You need file with code-workspace extension and content like this.

"folders": {
"uri": "isfs://yourserver/csp/user?ns=USER&csp"

More details, on how to configure and work with isfs, in the documentation

Thanks, this looks like it will function for my needs.