PEIPEI DUAN · Mar 3, 2021

Vote for us:RESTFUL_API_For_Hotel_OverBooking_System

This is the first InterStstems  programming contest that we participated in! Come check out and vote for us!

The overbooking management system combines the unique conditions of the hotel, such as room prices, order channels, customer needs (etc...). System uses machine learning algorithms (such as: KNN/ES-RNN...) to accurately predict the daily no-show and occupancy rate of the hotel, and further combines with the revenue equation to find the best largest room sales volume, which can significantly increase the hotel marginal revenue.

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Sounds interesting.

Can you please point me to the point in code where it uses machine learning algorithms?

Hi Peipei!

Great to know that you use ML algorithms in your solution. Do you use InterSystems IntegratedML? 

Could you please point to the code to know more about the usage?