· Dec 16, 2023

[Video] Using Code Based Source Control for Health Connect Cloud

Hi Community,

Play the new video on InterSystems Developers YouTube:

⏯ Using Code Based Source Control for Health Connect Cloud
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Learn how to develop code for integrations in HealthShare Health Connect Cloud using Git tools and Visual Studio Code for source control. Basic knowledge is assumed of Health Connect Cloud source control architecture. Basic knowledge is also assumed of using Git in VS Code or a command line to fetch and push code. To follow along, install InterSystems ObjectScript extensions for VS Code and contact your system maintainer for access to your GitLab repository.

Enjoy watching it and look out for more videos! 👍

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I'm interested in finding out more about the GitLab CI/CD pipeline options that might be available outside of the Cloud offering.

We are currently Ensemble 2018.1, though hopefully moving to Iris soon. Our development workflow is:

  • local development, VS Code + ObjectScript extension + management portal
  • source control using git from VS Code to a an on-prem GitLab instance
  • testing and deployment onto a shared dev server, a shared test server and ultimately a production server, but deploying code from the local dev server/GitLab to dev/test/prod servers via exporting classes, not integrated with GitLab.

So we'd be really interested in the CI/CD options mentioned in the GitLab instance offered as part of the Iris/Health Connect Cloud - the dev, test and production deployment deployments. Is the stuff offered on the Cloud available on prem? Is there more information available somewhere about the CI/CD options in GitLab and integrating with Iris?

@Colin Brough - the heart of the GitLab integration with HS shown in this video is the git-source-control package which is available on the Open Exchange for you to download and use:

More details can be found here: