· Aug 12, 2022

[Video] Machine Learning 201 - Neural Networks and Image Recognition

Hey Developers,

Don't miss this hands-on session hosted by @Don Woodlock, Vice President of InterSystems Healthcare:

⏯ Machine Learning 201 - Neural Networks and Image Recognition
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Watch how to train a Machine Learning model to do Image Classification. One of the original classic problems that machine learning was trying to solve for decades was how to tell a dog from a cat in pictures – something that even a small child could do but computers found it very difficult. After many decades that problem was solved and has paved the way for ML to now be good at reading radiology images, identifying faces, identifying object types for self-driving cars, identifying deforestation from satellite images, and all sorts of other use cases. We will learn how this is done in this hands-on session. In particular, we will work through the problem of identifying handwritten digits. We will build successively more sophisticated models to improve the accuracy of this task including Logistic Regression, a Feed Forward Neural Network, and a Convolutional Neural Network.

This is a 2-hour session, which was recorded live via a virtual session with a few attendees. No ML or python experience is required, but comfort with coding would be useful.

You will need a Kaggle account ( to follow along with this video. That account needs to be 'phone-verified' in order to use the GPU features of Kaggle which are needed for one of the exercises.

The links that you will need as part of this class are:
Notebooks at this link:

Enjoy and stay tuned!

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