· May 28, 2019

Video: InterSystems and Python QuickStart

Hi Community!

Please welcome a new video on InterSystems YouTube Channel:

InterSystems and Python QuickStart
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InterSystems IRIS™ data platform supports two lightweight Python APIs that provide direct access to InterSystems IRIS databases via relational tables (PyODBC) or multidimensional storage (Native API):

  • PyODBC lets your application quickly retrieve, update, and delete data.
  • The Native API for Python lets your application directly access the underlying data structure within InterSystems IRIS (known as globals) as well as call ObjectScript methods and routines.

Watch the video to review ways to connect your application to InterSystems IRIS data platform, or follow the steps in the exercise below to use PyODBC and the Native API for Python to connect to InterSystems IRIS.

Visit the Python QuickStart on the InterSystems learning site for more.

Enjoy and stay tuned!yes

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