Anastasia Dyubaylo · Jun 8, 2022

[Video] IntegratedML Update from the Field

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⏯ IntegratedML Update from the Field

IntegratedML is a groundbreaking machine learning system for SQL developers, embedded in InterSystems IRIS. Since it became generally available last year, several customers and prospects have been kicking the tires. We'll check in on some of the more interesting use cases and preview what our developers are up to for future releases.

🗣 Presenter:  @Thomas Dyar, Product Specialist, ML/AI, InterSystems

Enjoy and stay tuned!

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@Thomas Dyar any idea of what model they build and predict for Great Houston Health Connect? Really interested. Thx! Michael


Thanks for the interest, and I will update you if there are details we can share! At this point, the work is still exploratory and a couple approaches are in the works!

Kind Regards,