· May 19, 2023

[Video] Achieving True Interoperability in Healthcare Systems

Hi Community,

Watch this video to learn how to achieve true Interoperability in Healthcare Systems which is all about going beyond the typical "syntactic" interoperability and understanding what's needed to bring that interoperability to the next level in healthcare:

⏯ Achieving True Interoperability in Healthcare Systems
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I watched the video as I was curious what was behind the bold title. So what is this "true interoperability"?

What I heard is that if institutions agree on the use of the same FHIR profile, these institutions will achieve a higher degree of interoperability as compared to just the syntactic operability achieved normally between HL7v2 and FHIR.

I do agree that is true! So institutions using the same FHIR profile(s) have reached a level of seamless / instant interoperability.

I guess at that point I am wondering: How can I put it to work? I found this video: Working with FHIR Profiles in InterSystems IRIS for Health. Are there any other relevant resources?