Timur Safin · Dec 10, 2015

UX - no easy way to ask question/create a post

This is very hard to figure out the 1st time where and how to create a post or ask a question to some group. 

Why there is no simple "Ask a question"? At the root of community groups or in the portal toolbar?

Like here

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Currently you need to be viewing a group to make a new post via the "Create a New Post" button.

We will impove the UI so there will be other places from which you can add a post.

isn't create new post a little ambiguous? The first time I did it I thought I was going to create a "New Post"... while all I wanted to do and ended up doing was answering that thread, post. page discussion or whatever you or we want to call it... :)


Let me check whether there is working threaded conversation mode... (I'm replying to the particular comment, not at the end of a thread)

Ok, apparently threaded conversations do work here. Nice!

so the right pointing green arrow? trying... :)



2 seconds later:

YUP :)


I still have to click the "Join the Conversation" button though... ;)   the description is not clear. I'd just use post or submit...

tx Timur

ohh darn it... I think I meant to write the whole thing above about the "Join The Conversation" button.

What does it mean I asked myself? Will I be updated of new posting in this conversation?
nope: it means answer or post in this conversation... again, I thought it was ambiguous.. not what I've seen before..

Oh wow, so that's a "Reply" button?  Honestly the arrow is pointing the wrong way.  That's the standard for "Forward" and I assumed it was a share button.  Please fix.

Another note, UI ambiguities like this are less of an issue if you add simple tooltips.