· Nov 24, 2023

Utilizing Intersystems HealthShare API Monitor Metrics in Kibana: Seeking Guidance on Retrieval, Processing, and Visualization


First of all thanks for your time, thoughts, teaching and help:

We wonder how could we get the metrics from http://[Ip]:[Port]/api/monitor/metrics and use them in Kibana to chart statistics.

We would like to ask you how do you use the api monitor metrics, and as a second question, how would you suggest to utilize them in a third party software as Kibana to chart them.

We have thought to do the following:

1. Retrieve Metrics from Intersystems HealthShare API: Use a tool or script to make requests to the Intersystems HealthShare REST API and obtain the list of metrics. We could use tools such as cURL, Postman, or write a script in a programming language like Python. Currently we have a POSTMAN collection with a request which obtains the api monitor metrics.

2. Process the Metrics: Process the obtained metrics and organize them in a format that is compatible with Kibana's data ingestion. Maybe we could convert the metrics to JSON format or any other format easily interpretable by Kibana. Where could we do it? Inside a HealthShare's Service, Bussiness Process or Operation?

What JSON format could it be?


iris_cache_efficiency 13449.122
iris_cpu_pct{id="CSPDMN"} 0
iris_cpu_pct{id="ECPWorker"} 0




       {"name": "iris_cache_efficiency", "value": 13449.122},
       {"name": "iris_cpu_pct{id="CSPDMN"}", "value": 0},
       {"name": "iris_cpu_pct{id="ECPWorker"}", "value": 0},




3. Send Metrics to Kibana: Use the Kibana API to send the metrics. We could do this through HTTP requests from the Healtshare Service to KIBANA using a custom Adaptor class.



4. Visualize Metrics in Kibana: After sending the metrics, we could configure Kibana to visualize and analyze the data. Via the Kibana web interface and to set up an index where we could search and visualize the metrics.


We have also read:


Is there any currently implemented solution which adresses this need?

How would you recommend or suggest to implement a system to get the API monitor metrics, transform them to JSON and utilize them in KIBANA?


Thanks for your time, help, and teaching about this topic.

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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