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Using fhir-react UI for quick visualization

The fhir-react project is a React UI framework based on Google Material Design, which covers almost all FHIR resources for versions DSTU2, STU3 and R4.

It design it's really friendly - there's just one component! As FHIR resource types are standards, the framework resolves internally what rendering class must be used.

To display your FHIR resource just write this component:

<FhirResource fhirResource={fhirResource} fhirVersion={fhirVersions.STU3} />

Where fhirResource is a JSON containing any FHIR resource.

In FHIR REST API, there's an operator which grabs all resources from patients: $everything:


This return all sort of resources relate to patient.

So, as fhir-react can handle with almost every FHIR resource, I used it to display resources returned by $everything calls, improving my application patient visualization feature.

First, only resources of type Patient are returned, and each one of them are rendered with a button nearby. When this button is clicked, a $everything call is issued to server. Then, resources are grouped by type and rendered using a tab component.

The results are shown below:

Here you can find the sources files and instructions for build this web application.

You can refer to this document to get more information about how to use FHIR REST API with IRIS Analytics and Power BI.

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