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Using FHIR model to create charts with any configuration

The fhir-react project defines a unique component which renders the interface based on FHIR resource type. There's no need for any configuration because the library uses the standard of defined by the resource type.

So, I decided to apply the same idea, but for charts. The basic idea is depicted below:

For instance, some FHIR resources like Observation, Condition etc., has a code. Thus, we can aggregate all codes and count them.

Such aggregation creates a standard data model.

Finally, this model could be adapted for any char library.

In order to demonstrate this idea, I implemented it for FHIR resources with code property and HighCharts as chart library:

<FhirResourceChart fhirResources={resources}/>

Where fhirResources is an array of FHIR resource like Observation for instance. No more configuration is needed.

The result is shown below:

You can chek out the code here.
If you like this work, please consider vote for the application iris4health-fhir-analytics.

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