Kevin McGinn · Jan 26, 2022

usage of the ^STMONITS global

I am working with a client database that is growing exceptionally fast ( about 15G/day).  As I understand it, the usage of the global ^STMONITS to gather statistics can consume a large amount of database space. This client in question is using this global. I would like to determine of the 1.7T size of the database, how much is being consumed with statistics data by the usage of the ^STMONITS global. Is there a method to get this value whether a size or percentage of the database overall size.

Product version: Caché 2017.1
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I believe that I was able to answer my own question. In a csession I used the command "DO ^%GSIZE".  I specified the database path and the global of interest - in this case - STMONITS . The command generated the information I needed.