· Nov 2, 2016

Update the Health Insghts table (HSAA.Patient) based on a changed assigning authority code

I have recently updated assigning authority in the Registry . How can I update the existing patient records in Health Insights with new code? (HSAA.Patient.PatientNumbers)

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Hi Alex,


I added a new entry in OID registry under AA. So based on OID the code will be populated in the Patient Number field. I have a written a Custom SQL code to pull just the code for our downstream systems. The issue that I have is there are existing data in the DB with the OID instead of Code in the Patient Numbers field and I am looking for a way to update them without reprocessing all the files.




Hi Joseph,

this is a problem that really needs to be fixed on the Information Exchange side that will then propagate over to Health Insight.  However we do not support directly editing the existing streamlets - I believe in later versions there will be a tool to assist with editing existing data but the product team will have to comment on that.  So did the AA stay the same but just the OID changed?  I'm still not quite clear what the change was and what you mean by custom SQL to pull just the code.  Maybe it helps to see a before and after?


-- Alex