Md Asif Khalil · Jun 14, 2020

Unable to open list of Object Gateways which is created already

Hi All,

I created Object Gateway. Earlier it was able to open but now it raising below error while trying to open. Can anybody assist how to make this to show list of Object Gateway which has been created already.

ERROR #5001: <ILLEGAL VALUE>zGatewayState+11^%Net.Remote.ObjectGateway.1

SOURCE ELEMENT: %ZEN.Component.pane ()



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Please post the code of GatewayState method.

Hi  Eduard,

First of all I am not able to see the Java Object Gateway status, which is created from Management Portal apart from any part of code.

So, earlier I was able to see Java Object Gateway as visible in below image, but now producing error as above post.

Can you assist me how it would be listed same as below image.