Unable to open HTML files from Atelier server explorer


When I try to open an HTML file from the Server Explorer,  it fails with the error message "Failed to create the part's controls". HTML files open without any problem from the Atelier Explorer.

Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Pravin,

Which version of Atelier are you using?



Hi Joyce,

I'm using Atelier version 1.0.263 which I installed as a plugin for Eclipse 4.6.3.



It turns out the issue is that the default HTML editor can't open files from the server. I had to manually set the Atelier HTML Editor as the default for html files in Preferences > General > Editors > File Associations. This might be because I first installed Eclipse JavaScript and then installed Atelier as a plugin.

Glad that you figured it out! We had issues of linking files with the correct native editors before, but I just tested with the latest Atelier beta build (1.1.262) and the html files can be opened from the Server Explorer without any problem. If you want to see the most-recent updates, I'd encourage you to add the beta update site as well. If you're interested, please see the Atelier Download page for details.