Yuba Raj Panta · Jan 23, 2020

Unable to mount databases in IRISHealth container

Hi all,
I'm having issues with mounting custom database on top of IRISHealth 2019.1 docker container. Data gets mounted only in Read-only mode. This means read operations are successful but I couldn't make the image  with databases mounted  in Read/write, both modes. Is anyone having similar issue?

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Hi Yuba Raj,

Are you using Durable %SYS?  Depending on the exact location of your IRIS.DAT, Durable %SYS may be setting your database to read-only, to prevent any chance of you losing data when the container goes away.

InterSystems Support should be able to help you with this!

I'm not using Durable %SYS.
I've packed the database and the custom application inside the image. 
Using that image, I'm spinning up the containers.
So,  the problem is, every time a container is started, it makes the databases read-only, regardless of any permission or ownership set before.