· Dec 18, 2018

Unable to connect using InterSystems ODBC in PHP, access denied

I am unable to connect to InterSystems ODBC client. I am seeing the following error:

[Cache ODBC][State : S1000][Native Code 417] Access denied.

$cnx = new PDO("odbc:Driver={InterSystems ODBC};Server=<IP>;Uid=<id>;Pwd=<password>;");

Am i doing anything wrong?

Although, I can successfully connect and retrieve data in MS Excel using ODBC connection where I have configured my DSN and all

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If you're using InterSystems IRIS try this connection string (replacing values with appropriate):

"Driver=InterSystems ODBC Driver;Host=;Port=56772;Database=USER;UID=myUsername;PWD="

and for Caché/Ensemble try (driver name could be InterSystems ODBC):

"Driver=Cache ODBC Driver;Host=;Port=1972;Database=USER;UID=myUsername;PWD="

If the problem persist, check Audit log.