Evgeni Petrov · Dec 10, 2018

Unable to connect Atelier to IRIS on AWS Cloud with BYOL License

Hello experts, 

I am new to IRIS and I was told I could get a great hands-on experince with the commuity edition that is currently availabe on mutliple cloud providers.

Unfortunately connecting Atelier to the given IRIS instance has been unsuccessful: 

Accorording to this troubleshooting guide

- A single-user license is not sufficient to run Atelier.

According to my License Key: 

   License Type=Single Concurrent User

And my license use is at 100%: 

How am I supposed to connect and test IRIS if the Communty Edition does not provide a suffiscient license? 

Am I missinng somehitng else?



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Hi Evgeni,

The default community edition should support 5 concurrent users. You might have to enable Atelier's REST API, which is not enabled by default for some security profiles. See this note on how to verify / enable it. If you chose BYOL (Bring Your Own License), it might be that you just still need to BYOL :-)


Hi Benjamin, 

thanks, I just chekced the Atelier REST App but it seems to be enabled.

I guess it has to be the licese then :) 


Thanks Joe, 

I think I found a workaraound to my problem by using the cloud instance from the java training, which I completed  some time ago. 

It is available for 90 days, but it should be suffiscient for now.

If I face further license related problems I will contact you per mail. 

Thanks again.


Hi Evgeni,

This is a known problem with our the IRIS 2018.2 Preview Community Edition listing which is under active development. We are in the process of correcting this, but it will take some time. When it is fixed you will have to redeploy the listing to pick up the changes. 

Since you have been directed to this listing, I assume, by an InterSystems contact the best way to get you up and running is to contact them (and me) directly through email so that we can get you set up with an evaluation key.  This is a conversation which should take place outside of this Developer Community post. My email address is Joe<dot>

Although Atelier will not work with this listing, yet, the non-atelier portions of the Quick Start experiences  as well as those hosted by InterSystems Online Learning will work. These can be found here.


Joe Carroll