Dr. Johan Bosch · Jul 11, 2021

Uber type application needed

Uber type application and database management system wanted.

Reaching out to the development community.  Here at POLC we are planning to soon launch a new ride hailing app called POLC.  Wanted to know if any developers on this forum has built a similar system before?   Please DM me on +27 66 243 1618

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hi Johan,

When you say "Uber type application" what exactly do you refer to? Their DISCO system? The overall architecture? Their implementation of service oriented architecture? Their supply service or demand service?

They started with a monolith and Python and broke it up later...

Let us know & all the best with the new app!


Hi Luca - Thanks for responding.  No I mean we are looking to create a similar based appplication which is based on artificial intelligence and I want to roll this out globally...   So need the front end and backend and wanted to know if IRIS and Intersystems can do all of this.  I have not coded in many years.   Looking for some advice and a senior developer able to develop the app for us.