Hunter Hamrick · Sep 14, 2017

Troubleshooting Ens.Email.AlertOperation...ERROR 6070: SMTP Send failed

Should be easy, right?  My DEV environment is working just find and sending out alerts via email, however my TST and PRD environments are showing "ERROR #6070: SMTP Send failed" on the Ens.Alert email operation.  Same configuration settings on the operation, same SMTP server being addressed (I confirmed that I can ping the mail server from DEV, TST, and PRD boxes) and same port#.  I turned on "Log Trace Events" but don't see anything additional in the logs. Am I missing something?     

Let me know if you have any thoughts.



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Take the example from %Net.SMTP to SAMPLE or USER independent of any ENS*

and see if it runs on all 3 instances to verify SMTP access.

If it fails you may take a closer look to your firewalls  outgoing  and on SMTP server incoming.

If this works on all 3 instances than your config in ENSEMBLE is somehow different .


in SAMPLES use Class Cinema.Utils.SendEmail(...) and adjust is to your needs