transform NTE segments into additional OBX segments


A newbie question. I am trying to use Data Transformation Editor to transform NTE segments into additional OBX segments.  At the moment I am getting both segments OBX and NTE trying to populate a single OBX. Can this be easily fixed?

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Ok got it, so your DTL is currently setting the last NTE to the OBX. To have individual OBXs for each NTE plus the original OBX you need to put in a for loop to process each one of the NTEs into a new OBX. Something along the lines of this:

Quickly tested on my system:

Brilliant. It is working.

Thank you.

Much appreciated.


Hey Krzysztof,

Is the create type for the DTL new or copy? If it is copy, you probably need to also add in a remove action for the NTE(s) that you don't want. 


Thank you for your comment. At the moment it is set to New. This is the output when I test it. NTE segment is no longer there which is what I wanted but I am not getting additional OBX lines.