· May 17

trakCare Printing - Cancelling a job


I trying to find out the procedure to kill off a currently printing Cache job.

The user wants to cancel the job as they put the wrong start date. The start date was set to be generated from the default date of 1 Jan 1900.

As the start date was such a long time ago, the report generation would take a long time.

I think the printing uses this "production" on the print server:


  -> Report.Print.Process.Request

  -> Report.Print.Operation.PrintCacheReport

I think the printing part is  "production" "Operations",  Report.Print.Operation.PrintCacheReport. This function has a Queue and Jobs tab. 

In the Jobs tab there is a Abort and also Stop.

Is this the correct way of killing a print job?

If there is more than one job in this "production" "Operations", how do I know which one is the correct one to kill?

If this is not the correct way to kill the job - what is the correct way?


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Hi, to examine and kill a job i'll go via terminal in iris session, zn to %SYS and execute ^JOBEXAM that is a sort of "top" for linux.

in the process list you can push (or keep pushed) spacebar to update the screen and keep an eye on the column "globals" and "lines", the ones that will grow really fast are probably the jobs that you are looking for.

Using "n" and "p" you can go to "Next" or "Previous" page.

When you fins the process that in your opinion is the one that needs to be killed you can examine what it's doing pushing "E" to "Examine" and give the job number (the first column). Also in this case pressing spacebar will update the screen.

When you are sure that you want to kill that process proceed with "t" to "Terminate" the job followed by the number.

Doing so, you can easily find all the jobs that needs to be killed