Kevin Koloska · Oct 11, 2022

(Off topic) What would you tell someone who is starting out in IT?

What advice would you give someone who is new to IT?

Someone who wants to become a developer?

Which code to start learning first?

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The Learning is never complete.

There are many ways to achieve functionality, so always be open to recognizing new patterns.

Always listen, there are things we don't know yet.

Bugfixing is a great way to start. This ensures contact with different programming styles and patterns.

Don't just cut-n-paste off the google. Make the time to understand how it works.

Coding with IRIS is actually useful in that it gets you to work on many areas as a single developer: webpages, application logic, database stored procedures, data schemas and integration. This cuts right across traditional developer silos Application tier vs Database adminsitration vs Testing vs Integration.

Grow a Team mindset.

Have the patience to try and work it out yourself. Know when to ask for help.

Help others to help you by formulating better questions.

Sometimes by getting to the right question you will already see the answer.

Work on something you have a passion for.