Anastasia Dyubaylo · Aug 17, 2017

Three new videos of the week: Using Atelier and Git

Hi Community! 

This week we have three videos. Check all new videos on InterSystems Developers YouTube Channel:

1. Using Atelier and Git, Moving your code to a new Repository


In this video, learn how  to, starting from COS code in our local machine an empty Remote Git Repository, create an Atelier project use our code and connect it with the Git Repository.

2. Using Atelier and Git, Everyday Work


This video will demonstrate how to work with an Atelier project connected to a Git Repository and make a Commit after add a new class.

3. Using Atelier and Git, A new developer in the team


Video-example of use of Atelier and Git. There is a new member in the team, so how to get all the code from remote repository in a new Atelier project.

You are very welcome to watch all the videos about Atelier in a dedicated Atelier in Spanish playlist.

Enjoy! yes

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Are there also english Versions of those videos ?
My Spanish is rather rusted and more oriented towards holidays.