· Nov 16, 2020

is there healthshare installation for one user for learning

Hi is there healthshare insallable for one user where one can create edge production, follow exercises to customize clinical viewer, create data loading routines takeing data from flat file and push data to ECR. Community version for IRIS for health does not have options to create edges and there is no clinical viewe

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If you have a license key and a HealthShare Unified Care Record  kit, you can run "do ##class(HS.Util.Installer).InstallBusDemo()" in the HSLIB namespace which will lay down a fully functional demo environment.

Regarding Docker, please be aware that HealthShare Unified Care Record is not currently tested or certified for deployment in a Container and this is not a supported configuration in production environments. You may run into some issues using some of the more exotic features of the product in a Container.