Chip Gore · Jun 21, 2016

Is there an Embedded SQL Cursor "rewind"?

Hi -

I'm trying to rewind a cursor back to the first row after looping part of the way through the implied result set, but I'm not finding a way to make this happen, is there some such iterator variable or directive that I can leverage to accomplish this?

I could code around it by pulling identifiers and/or values into a local array, and then hand code up an iterator over my local results copy, but this feels like a "redesigning of a wheel" approach, and I thought I would check before I start down this path.


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You can close the cursor and open it again:

ClassMethod Test()
            SELECT TOP 10 ID
            INTO :id
            FROM Sample.Person

    &sql(OPEN C1)
    &sql(FETCH C1)
    Set first = $$$YES

    While (SQLCODE = 0) {
        Write id,!       
        &sql(FETCH C1)
        If id=9 && first {
            Set first = $$$NO
                &sql(CLOSE C1)
                &sql(OPEN C1)
                &sql(FETCH C1)

    &sql(CLOSE C1)

Thanks (I didn't think of that)