· Oct 4, 2023

Is there a class that implement a connection pool ? If not, is it possible to implement one ?

I have some code that fire this kind of request very often : 

set request = ##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()
set request.Server = ... //always the same 
set request.Location = ... //always the same 
do request.EntityBody.Write(...) //this is different from one request to another
do request.Post() 

If it was called in a loop I could move the HttpRequest instantiation outside, unfortunately this is not the case. The code is called from lot of different places.

I have been wondering if there is a class in IRIS that already implement a connection pool
Eg: a set of connections is maintained and stay open. They can be reused between requests.

Some like that : 

set request = connectionPool.Acquire() //return HttpRequest instance
do request.EntityBody.Write(...)
do request.Post() 
do connectionPool.Release(request)

If that does not exists, would it be difficult to implement one (is this something possible ?) (eg: using some mutexes for synchronization)


I just realized that (AFAIK) it's not possible to share object instances across processes in IRIS.
So I cannot see a simple way to reuse connections by simply having a class that maintain a set of HttpRequest instances and share them.
One way could be to create a single job that hold all connections and perform the actual GETs / POSTs for someone else (another process) then return result (typically a string).

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Look into using Interoperability. The classes EnsLib.REST.Operation and EnsLib.HTTP.GenericOperation should do what you are looking for depending on if you are calling a REST service or it is plain HTTP

We have several business operations that use EnsLib.REST.Operation, each with pool sizes of between 2 and 60. Providing the http response indicates the connection can be maintained, they will keep the connection open.