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Hi Peter!

Thanks for the question.

It makes a lot of sense to test your package before publishing it on ZPM-registry.

You can test it via 'load' and 'publish' commands of ZPM-client.

Suppose, you have IRIS with ZPM client installed and you have the repo folder locally with module.xml in the root. Then you can use following command to test the module.xml loading:

USER:zpm>load /yourfolder/withrepo/

or with -v with more details:

USER:zpm>load -v /yourfolder/withrepo/

It shows the log and if module.xml is not correct you'll see errors in the log. This is the test of resources description.

Then you can test the publisher with 'publish' command. Call:

USER:zpm>packagename publish

or with -v with more details:

USER:zpm>packagename publish -v

This will try to execute all the tests, run web-app settings and call invoke methods locally. This will then refuse to publish cause you don't have the registry locally - which is OK, because you don't want to publish locally, right? All other errors will tell you if something is wrong with your module.xml package.