· Apr 24

terminal attached to the JOB

Is it possible to start a terminal attached to a process (JOB)?

For example, I have a 548 process being debugged by VSCODE.

I would like to start a terminal, attached to the process to check process global values ​​by running the command "zw ^||MYGLOBAL"

Product version: IRIS 2020.3
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From Terminal in namespace %SYS you can run

  • select your job by list of PID
  •  Job# NSpace  Routine        Commands   Globals State PID      Current device
       23 USER    shell               425        64 READ  17060    |TRM|:|17060
    Namespace:          USER                     SessionID:
    Routine:            shell
    Open Devices:       |TRM|:|17060*
    Mem Lim/Peak/Curr:  256M/154K/116K           In Trans:      No
    Priority:           8                        Info:
    User Name:          UnknownUser
    OS User Name:       cemper                   EXE Name:
    Client Node Name:   TRM:                     IP Address:
    Location:                                    PrivGblBlks:   3
    Last reference:     ||RCC(5)
    Current line:
    Entry Process     X#   S# Flg Item Locked
    (V)ariable, (L)ocks, (S)tack, (P)rocess Private Globals, (Q)uit =>  P
  • and can see  PPG
    Process Private Global (?): RCC
    Process Private Global (?):