Yone Moreno · Mar 28, 2022

TCP and DICOM: Investigate service invocation options

Good morning,

We would appreciate your support:


Developing an integration to perform a "Query / Retrieve" circuit with DICOM medical imaging studies, we would need the following:

Options of invocation of the DICOM TCP service that has been published for this integration, alternatives to the command line option.

Specifically we have read: Receive DICOM document with an embedded PDF and metadata.

Adapting the example, we use the line:

./storescu -b VNAPRE -c ESBPRE@10.136.4.XYZ:19ABC ./embeddedpdf.dcm

By which we simulate the sending of a DICOM document with a PDF.

However, this is not fruitful, helpful or a solution, since what is currently needed is to simulate queries of type "FIND".

Specifically, we would need queries of the type "Get Results at Study level" StudyRootQuery - FIND or "Get Studies at Patient level" PatientRootQuery - FIND.

// StudyRootQuery - FIND
set tAffectedSOPClassUID="1.2.840.10008."
// PatientRootQuery - FIND
;set tAffectedSOPClassUID="1.2.840.10008."

We have investigated how to simulate the FIND: Query / Retrieve scenario calls.

In particular we tested from the Studio "Output" by sending the patient record in the "PatientID" field of the "DataSet" of the DICOM document:

do ##class(DICOM.BS.QueryService).TestFind("13168299")

And in this way we would simulate a call to the "dummy" Service whose class is: DICOM.BS.QueryService.

However, what are the options for invoking the DICOM TCP service that has been published for this integration ?

Is there a SoapUI / POSTMAN / command line and/or visual tool, which allows us to simulate DICOM FIND commands via TCP ?

Thank you for reading us and for your answers


We have also read:


At the visual level, we are now testing the circuit by means of a "dummy" Service, which class is: DICOM.BS.QueryService

However, we need to find a way to simulate being the source system, that is, to test the TCP service, being of the class: EnsLib.DICOM.Service.TCP

What options for invoking the DICOM TCP service that has been published for this integration, as an alternative to the command line option, would exist ?

How would you do it ?

Do you have examples, documentation, code, references or indications that could be used as support ?


Thank you very much in advance, for your time and replies

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Not sure if I understood your requirement correctly, but I use Modality Emulator like ( to test FIND for example WorkList queries. There is a free version if you want to try that first.

Thanks Pasi Leino for your reply and help

We would be very grateful if you could help us with the following:

Could you explain us how could we download, install and start to use a free version od the Dicom Dvtk Ris-Emulator, please?

Sorry, I’m not sure where to find a reliable download point for the fee version at this time. You might want to try a few found with google search, but I cannot vouch for any of them.