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Task is not working for Cache 2017.2.2 as there is no error message but the data does not get cleaned.

Hello everybody. I have a problem a little bit strange. The thing is that there is a Task on Cache that by default is executed everyday at 4:00:00 that, with my settings, will delete all the Audit logs with more than 70 days of existence. The problem is that everyday this task is executed without an error message (status "Success" after the task is finished) but no data is cleaned, the same if I executed this particular task on the "Task Schedule" screen. I'll put here a screenshot of the message after executing the task on the "Task Schedule":

I've checked for several things on Caché Management Portal settings but nothing works, and also executed an Integrity check with that shows no problems and now I don't know what to look for to resolve this issue. I know is has to base something in the DB as I've made a copy of it and mounted it in another PC, where the same issue happens every day.


Can anyone figure out what causes this problem?


Thank you so much,


Product version: Caché 2017.1
$ZV: Cache 2017.2.2
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Hi Vitaliy. I forgot to say that the audit logs are in other namespace called "ACB". Whatever, I also tried to delete the logs manually via SQL and it works. There is something in the task itself or the DB preventing the task to have a normal behavior. I have updated the main post with the task configuration, so anyone can see if there is a problem there.

Thanks for your help,


I also noticed three things from your screenshots:

  1. instead of the standard program %SYS.Task.RunLegacyTask you are using a non-standard CTools.Task.Legacy. Is this how it should be?
  2. you have disabled "Reschedule task after system restart?". Is this how it should be?
  3. your task is scheduled for 4:00:00 under Task2, but judging by the history, it was launched at 11:52 and 11:56 under Administrator. Something doesn't add up here.