Take part in the International Summer School "Start of Professional Activities"!

Start of Professional Activities!

The Institute of Space and Information Technologies of  Siberian Federal University with the support of InterSystems International Corporation hosts the International Summer School "Start of Professional Activities" from July 9 to July 27, 2018  in Krasnoyarsk, Russia and invites all students majoring in IT to participate. 

Technologies and Platforms to be studied: 

  • InterSystems Caché,
  • InterSystems Ensemble,
  • InterSystems DeepSee,
  • JSON,
  • REST,
  • AngularJS,
  • Twitter Bootstrap.

Teaching Model
We use intensive learning approach leveraging modem project-based and results-oriented methods. Our curriculum consists of teaching the underlying technologies (20% of the time) and practical assignments (80% of the time).

Who can Join
Attendees must be familiar with one of the object-oriented programming languages, have experience in OOP development, have practical knowledge with RDBs, and know the basics of web application development.

Participation Fee
Participation in the School “Start of Professional Activities” is free. Attendees pay for two-ways tickets (Home-Krasnoyarsk-Home) by themselves as well as for transfer to venue from airport/railway station. Accommodation, meals (5 days per week), entertainment are covered by the organizers.

School Opportunities:

  • 3-week deep Learning of InterSystems' technologies;
  • Unique experience of working in a team;
  • Practical assignments from potential employers;
  • Opportunity to study in English.

Note: The main language of the school is Russian. But if a group of English-speaking students is recruited, it will be possible to study in English.

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