Dr. Johan Bosch · Jul 11, 2021

Stock Exchange System wanted


Reaching out the development community to understand if there is anybody out there whom have developed a financial transactional switch or stock exchange on Intersystems before.  If so please DM me on +27 66 243 1618.


Many thanks and Regards

Johan Bosch - Founder and CEO 

POLC Global

Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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Hi Johan,
I'd be keen to discuss this further with you.  Do kindly reach out to me at your convenience.


Tim FitzGerald

EMEA Financial Services Sales Manager | InterSystems

Mobile +44 (0)7887 912160

I have a financial module that communicated with a 'Futers' company in London

this downloades the daily changes of the stocks to my Client's processor


John Peck

Hi John

Are you from "".

Have worked with you and Craig on Redevint before while in CT.   Would be keen to look at the product as well as front and backend...


Small world.

we also trade as

I have already passed this message to Craig

You Know the phone number

skype: Abbeycrown1