Gary Marston · Jul 13

Starting IRIS Community edition on multiple core CPU...

I successfully installed IRIS Community edition on my new RYZEN7 desktop. However when I try to start IRIS I get an error event that states IRIS cannot start due to too many cores. (I have 15 on this CPU).

So how do I resolve this? I do have to install the image onto a single core? Or how many cores can this version run on?

Any comments/suggestions or hysterical laughter will be very much appreciated.

Gary Marston

$ZV: IRIS_Community-2021.1.215.0-win_x64
1 0 3 89
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Community edition version is limited to 8 cores. Do, if you are able to limit it somehow, do it. I would recommend using Docker, and it gives an ability how to limit CPUs for a container.

Agreed with Dmitry.

You can read more about community edition, including its limitations (there's also a 10gb and 5 connection limit) below. This also gives a sample of restricting cores using docker:

Deploy and Explore InterSystems IRIS

If this is for personal use, community edition and containers could be a good option. If you're working with an org, you might want to discuss with them (or your InterSystems rep) whether it would make more sense to get a full kit and license.

Thanks for the replies.
I can limit the # of cores within windows but I'll try the docker version first.

Gary Marston