· Sep 6, 2018



Looking for some help on how I actually set the properties to enable tracing for %Net.SSH.Session ?

The doc is here:

The values look bitwise in their defaultness and I cant seem to figure out how to enable it in my object (or if I am going about this wrong altogether).  I am troubleshooting an elusive ssh error: unable to exchange encryption keys in a catch at the moment.

Would appreciate a clue if anybody has experience with it... thank you.


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Your second call may be overwritting the value in the first.  I would suggest setting all values you want set in a single call, with the output going to a single file.  For example:

s status=connection.SetTraceMask(511,"/tmp/ssh.log")

Also, double check that you're running this before the connection is made.   I usually run it immediately after creating the new %Net.SSH.Session object.