· Jan 15, 2020

sql statements - how to clear multiple sql statements and Frozen Flags

cache 2017.2.1 (Build 801_3)

when I look into the "sql statements" ( sql page of the management portal ) I have lots of old statements with a lot of them frozen. many of them are %sqlcq routines (I believe these are the SLQ's I run when testing/running random SQL queries in the sql page. )

I can clearly see where I can click on an individual query and untick an individual query to unfreeze it. or delete it. but thats a painful slow process. I can't see anywhere to delete/change multiple queries

I want to programmatically remove all the %sqlcq queries from the list and then start looking at all the remaining queries,

has anyone got any code that allows me to

  • delete certain queries from that list
  • remove "frozen" from the queries
  • ultimately clear the entire list and let the list grow again with all the new 'unfrozen' queries

all of this is NOT being done on LIVE data, it's a copy for experimenting on the SQL.

I can then run stats on the LIVE data and then the copy data comparing the two

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