Kumaresan R · Dec 2, 2017

Sql query optimization

We have 1lakh records in table and while using sql select statement , it is taking more than 9mins to 12 mins to get the records. could you please how to optimize this performance issue if we have more records. how to optimize it.

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It would be better if you can add your SQL query, and if it is not a secret also Classes definition. So, we could see if something may be wrong with it. And you also should look at the book in the documentation about SQL Optimizations.

I fear you will have to give us more information before a helpful advice can be given.

  • what is the table definition?
  • how do the statistics (selectivities) look like?

And last not least

  • which SQL do you want to improve and how does the query plan look like?

Kumaresan, I have removed the "Developer Community FAQ" tag which is intended for use on posts about the DC software itself. I have added the "SQL" and "Performance" tags.