· Nov 13, 2022

SQL Foreign Key Constraint check on Delete

I have table

        name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, 
        parent VARCHAR(50), 
        PRIMARY KEY (name), 
        FOREIGN KEY(parent) REFERENCES nodes (name) ON UPDATE cascade

I put some data

INSERT INTO nodes (name, parent) VALUES ('n1', NULL);
INSERT INTO nodes (name, parent) VALUES ('n11', 'n1');
INSERT INTO nodes (name, parent) VALUES ('n12', 'n1');
INSERT INTO nodes (name, parent) VALUES ('n13', 'n1');

Let's delete all


Nope, no way.

SQL Error [124] [S1000]: [SQLCODE: <-124>:<FOREIGN KEY constraint failed referential check upon DELETE of row in referenced table>]
[Location: <ServerLoop>]
[%msg: <At least 1 Row exists in table 'SQLUser.nodes' which references key 'NODESPKey2' - Foreign Key Constraint 'NODESFKey3', Field(s) 'parent' failed on referential action of NO ACTION>]

Even, if it knows that I want to delete everything, it still complains about integrity.

And Yes, I know, that I can delete n11, n12, and n13, then n1, and it will work. But this is not what I need.

Is there any way, to keep the check working, but at the same time have a possibility to delete all needed rows, when it is logically supposed to work?

It's part of my work on SQLAlchemy dialect for Python

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Ubuntu Server LTS for x86-64 Containers) 2022.3 (Build 539U) Fri Nov 4 2022 00:27:00 EDT
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Implemented it this way, as a workaround. But not sure in it.

    def visit_delete(self, delete_stmt, **kw):
        if not delete_stmt._where_criteria and delete_stmt.table.foreign_keys:
            table = delete_stmt.table
            nocheck = False
            for fk in table.foreign_keys:
                nocheck = not fk.ondelete and fk.parent.table == table
                if not nocheck:

            if nocheck is True:
                delete_stmt = delete_stmt.prefix_with('%NOCHECK', dialect='iris')
        text = super().visit_delete(delete_stmt, **kw)
        return text